Saturday, June 03, 2006

Overwrite -- Short SF Story (Free)

A recent submission made to an anthology about "glorifying terrorism" was rejected. Can't say I blame the editor who explained she felt the story was "cliche'".

After a month of working on it, I felt it was forced, and didn't feel comfortable with it. It doesn't feel like the best work I have done. The point is though, I gave it my best shot, and now I know much more about myself than I did before: I feel more comfortable writing on subjects I myself enjoy than something someone else is looking for.

While certainly disappointed in not making the cut, I'm happy that I am free to work on the work I would really rather produce. And though it may sound as if I don't have that much confidence in the piece itself, I think it has something. Or rather it's on the verge of something. Thus I have decided that I would like to share it with everyone pro bono.

Please feel free to download it, and also feel free to critique it in the comments section.

So that you are not completely in the dark as to what it is about; it is a short SF piece (6 pages in PDF format) featuring an artificial intelligence as the protagonist.



At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

This is a good tale well told. Has quite a few typos and the ending (the last line) could perhaps be dropped. Needs some general sentence editing too but overall very impressive. Keep it up! :)


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