Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beeline for the Deadline

It's been a heck of a month, and the rest of the month promises to be so too. First of all I moved at the end of last month. I now live with my wife and her parents in a large two-storey house in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Thank god for that. Along with saving half my rent and all my utilities, I now make $700 more a month at a new day-job. It's the equivalent of making something like $950 more a month. Holy sheep dip Batman, can you say, step-up on the school loan paybacks? I knew you could.

I may be all moved in, but I am nowhere near the finish line at the moment as I am hurtling toward, not one, but two deadlines in May. The first, due on May 1st, is a short story for an anthology "gloryifying terrorism". Apparently the UK is passing law that makes such publications illegal, so the editor is paying 200 GBP per story. It's a tough subject to approach, but I just kept in mind that America's own independance started with terrorism. Albeit nothing on the level of suicide bombers or September 11, but acts of subversion and chaos-creation are still effective tools. I am preparing a short story along these lines.

The next deadline after that is May 15: Bottle Rocket Magazine -- a comic/fiction anthology. I have two projects I'm doing for that. The first, which I have already submitted, is a short old-skool cyberpunk fiction story with illustrations by a friend (Shi), and the second is a 6-page mini comic featuring Zipper (see the right-hand links section) in a second, all-original story. That means TWO Zipper comics this year where only one was originally planned. I'm happy.

Enough gum-flappin', back to work. More details on where to purchase at a later date.


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