Monday, January 30, 2006

Publishing in Japan

I found this list of references to English-language publishing in Japan. I happened upon it accidentally, but it's a resource I have been wondering about for years. Finally, a very comprehensive list, courtesy of The Foreigner - Japan:

The Foreigner - Japan: Publishing Links

Friday, January 27, 2006

52 Pages / 13000+ Words

After a recent editing session, I decided to take measure on the progress of the short novel (working title: Weird Wired) that I am hoping to release later this year, probably via a POD venue.

52 pages (*1), is not exactly awe-inspiring, but it's more than I expected I had. There is still too much more work to be done. But it's nice feeling to know I have put more significant work behind it than I expected I had.

As a mob of other shorter stories will be accompanying the short novel to create an anthology, I believe this brings the total size of the book to a good 170 pages. Not bad at all. If I have my wish, there will be 250 pages, and possibly illustrations from good friend and artist gattican (CAUTION: Mad man at play!).

[1 -- the standard U.S. paperback novel at 250 words per page being the measure.]

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BIZURAI -- The Last Empress



"Your wiring seems to climb up your spine and connect directly to your brain. I can splice in at the base of your skull. It is likely there will be some discomfort though."

"There is no other way?"

"Not unless you know of one."

Murata frowned. He didn't like the thought of the foreigner's wiring in his body, but he had to know what was on the unit that would bring the Emperor's men down to slaughter defenseless monks and shrine maidens. The very idea of it was senseless and maddening. He owed it to the old monk, if nothing else, to understand why he and his had to die for Murata's sins. "Do it," purpose filled his voice.

The strange woman-warrior sat, between him and the slaughtered miko extending an arm toward each of them. Thin, black wires, fluidly flowed from the tips of her fingers and crawled up his shoulder around to the back of his neck. An involuntary shiver ran down his spine. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes, to calm himself. There was a grouping of small pricks and an unnatural feeling of something worming its way under his skin as the armor entered his body. A recognizable feeling of connection to the Miko Net washed over him, but his virtual vision remained blank. Then a cold, dark, polyhedral form the color of brushed steel towered over him menacingly, a glowing sphere fazed in beside him, and a voice spoke.

"We are inside the the miko maiden now, on the outskirts of her memory core. It was protected from the attack. She obviously cannot offer it up to us herself, but I can access it using the armor's programming engines."

There was a blur, and an undeniable force pulled him through the outer edge of the miko's memory core. Soft, glittering geodesic shapes of varying sizes, shapes and colors surrounded them. The voice spoke again. "There is a history of sites you visited, several small files that search engines brought back, and one mammoth file that is taking up quite a bit of her memory. It looks like it was so big that some of it had to be stored in virtual memory. You can see there where it fades as it tries to merge with the walls of the memory core. Shared information remnants. That portion was destroyed of course, but it looks as if the file itself is still readable. If you are ready, I will activate the file and channel it to you directly."


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Fiction/Writing Blogs

An excellent blog on fiction writing generated mostly by reader-posed questions. As I am impressed by the straight-forward information and advice given to readers by the author, I thought I would share.

Writing Fiction:
Discussion on writing and publishing novels and short fiction


Also, I have started a writing resource/fiction writers' link in the side panel. Check it out.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Holiday Editing

My initial plans for the two weeks of vacation I had during the year-end holidays was editing, editing, and more editing. I have several stories on the verge of being finished and several more just needing an good polishing to bring them around into publishing form.

Naturally the holiday season, with its promise of tons of downtime to be spent alone hacking away at my keyboard was quite the breath of fresh air. Usually I do most of my writing during my breaks at work or (on rare occasion) at home. (Home is a bad place for me to write as there are far too many distractions.)

Unfortunately, personal tragedy struck not once, but twice on the same day, bringing two passings of family members. To say it was a rough, stressful, emotion-ridden end of the year is an understatment. It didn't put me much in the mood for writing the rest of my vacation time, as I was more inclined to spend the rest of my time with my wife.

Today, thankfully, work offered a break from regular duties, and I was able to work some magic. So the book project I am planning to launch this year is still on schedule. If anything, I owe it to those who passed on NOT to punk out and let anything stand in the way of dreams.