Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I have held a deep fascination with the cyberpunk genre since I read my first William Gibson book back in the mid-90s. Until that time, I really loved reading, but had no idea what I liked. I read science fiction in general, especially the "classics" by Clarke, Anderson, etc, still I felt there was something lacking. Reading is a pleasure I usually commit myself just before I sleep. I'm not an insomniac but there's something about being escorted into dreamland by riveting fiction. When I discovered cyberpunk, I felt a whole new world had opened up.

Luckily, I have been blessed during my searches for cyberpunk to find excellent (through friends and on my own) the work of master authors like David Drake (superb military science fiction), S.M. Sterling (alternate history science fiction/fiction), Simon R. Green (a master of space opera), and a cadre of others whose words I cannot devour enough of.

It should also be noted that I have found a fascinating and powerful pull to the more non-mainstream Japanese film directors such as Tsukamoto, Miike, and their ilk. While they are not hardcopy writers, they often write their own screenplays. The resulting stories snake off the screen into my head, writhe there like the annoyingly driven animals they are, calling out for recognition. Bizarre image concoctions of human horrorpunk-slash-environmentalpunk eat away at me, making for endless hours of enjoyment long after the movie ends.

So it is that I have aligned my own writing style with these genres, often alternating between them. Sticking with just one style would never do. I wouldn't dare say I'm out to create a new genre in any way, but I would like to be thought of as original in execution.

Therefore if you enjoy any of the above styles/genres mentioned, a mix thereof, or similar styles, give my previews a look over; I'm confident you'll find something you'll enjoy.

RAW (unedited) Preview of New Fiction Opening: BIZURAI

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By the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the children of Japan destroyed much of their cultural heritage left in their care by poets and samurai, by working it all over via a concoction of lackluster insanity-gray concrete that consumed the grasslands; sky-piercing power towers that marched across mountain ranges; and bulldozing houses hundreds of years old in favor of neon massage parlors.

In the mid-22nd, the children of the children of the children realized the horror of it all. And decided to thank their grandbenefactors for those mistakes by gathering the ashes of all those who came before them, and using it as the base for a bio-nanobot resurrection agent, which they in turn poured over the nation in a bid to beat the living shit out of Father Time and resurrect Culture.

It was if the goddess Amaterasu, who gave birth to the Japanese Archipelago from her glorious womb, had stepped out of the collective Japanese consciousness, and pissed her love over the nation. The resulting infestation coated everything in a living, writhing testament to the everlasting mother of all mistakes.

500 years later...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Why This Weblog

Besides the fact that I am a writing and journaling nut, I thought this would be a great way to expose my work to a greater body of readers. I love sharing my work, and I love the feedback it generates. It's as simple as that really. I thought a journal where readers could chime in with their comments, for better or worse (though I hope that those who don't appreciate my work will critique and not criticize), would be fun.

For the most part, the weblog will contain updates on fiction that I am writing and/or readying for release, older fiction for readers to enjoy/comment on, and free fiction-sample downloads of released work. So I hope you enjoy the journal as well as the work.

Made in DNA